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20525 Center Ridge Rd. #301
Rocky River, OH 44116
United States

(440) 941-4850

A Pan-Orthodox ministry that displays Christian love, mercy and compassion to the individuals, families and facilities it serves.

About the Organization

St. Panteleimon Orthodox Christian Outreach is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. It is a Pan-Orthodox ministry that is under the spiritual protection of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Lakewood, OH (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA -- Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople). Our organization is made up of caring individuals from various Orthodox parishes who are committed to loving our neighbors as ourselves. Our primary purpose is to provide group prayer services to Orthodox Christians who are unable to attend services and programs at a local parish. We serve residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other group homes. Additionally, we visit and minister to people who are not Orthodox yet desire to worship the Holy Trinity. It is our prayer that this ministry will be an asset to the Orthodox clergy and laity of our community.

Our Staff

Spiritual Advisor: Very Rev. Fr. Dennis Kristof (St. Nicholas — Ukrainian)

President/Ministry Coordinator: Reader Gerald Largent (St. Nicholas — Ukrainian)

Board of Directors

Presbytera Kathy Babich (Ss. Peter and Paul/Lakewood — OCA)
Mary Grechny (St. Nicholas — Ukrainian)
Joanne Hendrick (St. Nicholas — Ukrainian)
Kathy Kovalak (Archangel Michael — OCA)
Natalie Walsh (St. Nicholas — Ukrainian)

Legal Advisor: Mary E. Bozikis, Esq. (St. Paul — Greek)

Technical Director: Josh Walsh

St. Panteleimon Office Phone: 440-941-4850

Monthly Prayer Service Totals for 2018

January        22    (22)
February       19    (41)
March       21    (62)
April       19    (81)        
May       20    (101)        
June       20    (121)        
July       21    (142)        
August       23    (165)        
September       22    (187)    
October       20    (207)        
November       19    (226)     
December       25    (251)    
2018 Total:    251

Prayer Service Totals by Year

2010      56
2011    210
2012    242
2013    280
2014    375
2015    361
2016    362
2017    309
2018    251
TOTAL (July 2010-December 2018)    2446

Averages (July 2010 - december 2018)

Services per Year        287.8
Services per Month      24.0
Services per Week           5.5