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A Pan-Orthodox ministry that displays Christian love, mercy and compassion to the individuals, families and facilities it serves.


A Pan-Orthodox ministry that displays Christian love, mercy and compassion to the individuals, families and facilities it serves.

Angie Giallourakis

Gerald Largent

Picture this scenario: Your mother has Alzheimer’s disease and lives in a respectable Assisted Living Facility, where all her physical needs are being met. In fact, you ask the Activities Director to include her in any Christian Programs that become available during the day. The programs are very nice and wholesome, but...: (1) Your mother is a Greek Orthodox Christian (2) She cannot communicate her feelings but can still recite the prayers of the church (3) She can still sing the hymns of the church (4) Sometimes has Evangelical Christians asking if my mother is a “true Christian” (whatever that means).

This was my mother’s story.

My mother did have visitations from our wonderful parish priest, which were always very spiritually uplifting. Unfortunately our priest, like many other Orthodox Christian Priests, had many people like my mother to tend to during a typical week of visiting shut-ins. When my mother lay dying in her bed I played a CD of Greek Orthodox Christian Hymns for her to listen to in hopes of experiencing a more peaceful ending to her life. It was all I knew to do.

Witnessing my mother going through the tribulations of Alzheimer’s disease was very difficult for me. I felt very alone. The entire time I wished there was a ministry, similar to other Christian groups that provided support to shut-ins within the context of the Orthodox Christian Faith!!!

Two years ago my aunt suffered a severe stroke and was undergoing rehabilitation in a facility where the St. Panteleimon Ministry was being made available to residents. Imagine my delight in knowing that a loving family member would be able to participate in an Orthodox Christian prayer service while going through rigorous rehabilitation. I attribute my aunt’s recovery to the loving support of the St. Panteleimon community.

By the Grace of God, we have a ministry available to individuals in the NE Ohio area designed to address the needs of Orthodox Christian’s living in Nursing Facilities. Now members of the Orthodox Christian community can participate in regularly scheduled prayer services without having to leave their residence. This is particularly important for individuals who have health issues that require them to remain “in-house”.

It is an honor to be a Board Member of the St. Panteleimon Ministry. I am hopeful that you will consider being a supporter of this important ministry.

Thank you. Angie Giallourakis Corresponding Secretary St. Panteleimon Ministry